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reputation management reputation is a company's most important intangible asset and is vital to business success and to the ability to successfully overcome crises.

The key steps to managing a company's reputation include identification of target audiences and the most topical issues.

When a company's reputation is carefully nurtured, communication of the full business story becomes a competitive advantage.


building the story reputation is built up day in and day out, like a story with a plot, structure and characters.

Building that story is to use the communication function in a structured and sequential manner: communication strategy cannot be viewed as a sum of standalone initiatives.

Companies explain themselves before their audiences through a story that weaves its identity, one that is built, consciously or otherwise, through its actions and stakeholder dealings.

A good story, infused with potential, is one that features all the characters that play a role in the company's performance.


communicating online emerging technologies have transformed the communication function, making it both more immediate and more complex.

The new business communication landscape is shaped by the social networks and online media, along with the traditional media.

The new communications paradigm requires greater interactivity, transparency and immediacy.

Today there is more information than ever, and it is more scattered and less structured: stakeholders have greater ability to directly influence public opinion.

However, companies also have an excellent opportunity to transmit their messages directly and to engage in dialogue, in a more transparent and approachable manner, with their stakeholders.